What Do Good Cooks and Good Investors Have in Common?

Sean Sevey |

For years, my wife and I have been avid cooks. We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of menu planning, ingredient selection, prepping and of course the actual cook. But the most satisfying component for us is not the meal or necessarily the result; it is the ability to take a recipe and make it our own.  We have learned that while 22 ingredients is fun and challenging, our favorite and most successful recipes focus on quality ingredients and letting the natural flavors complement each other. A nice bottle of wine never hurts either!

When you look at the process of investing and the process of cooking, you start to see several similarities. When we build out a Financial Plan, Asset Allocation, and the portfolio itself, the ability to tailor all of these factors to our preferences is critical. Over the past two decades, I have yet to meet someone who perfectly fits into a pre-selected model portfolio, let alone a married couple who have identical goals and risk tolerance.

Sevey Wealth Advisors clients take inspiration from the various strategies, just as there are plenty of recipe variations for the same dish. They adjust the volatility, spice level. They substitute asset classes or individual stocks based on the current environment, what’s fresh. They make it theirs.

As we prepare for any plan, whether that be a good recipe or a good portfolio, we strive to deliver consistent results that are truly built to your preferences. We want to have clear expectations of the outcomes. We also want to be able to understand what could go wrong. Then and only then can we be confident that results will deliver.

Imagine having a private chef monitoring your process, offering timely guidance. Walking you through the entire recipe, from ingredient selection to preparing the meal to maintaining the timing of all the components to finally presenting the meal. How much better would your results be? 

This is what we offer. A partnership to develop a custom plan, a custom allocation model and portfolio, timely guidance and empowerment over your financial future. How can we help you?