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Sean Sevey, Founder

About Sevey Wealth Advisors

Welcome to Sevey Wealth Advisors, a firm focused on offering a concierge approach to portfolio management; designed to focus on a partnership with clients allowing them to take ownership of their own financial future while still benefiting from timely guidance and proactive advice.

Sevey Wealth Core Values

  1. Epitomize Fiduciary responsibility to place Clients’ interests first.

  2. Be a Consultant, not a Manager and empower clients to manage their own wealth.

  3. Do not physically hold or possess any client assets, securities, or money.

  4. Save Clients’ money via flat fee-only advice.

  5. Focus on customized Goals Based Investing vs preset models.

  6. Remain independent from any bank, broker dealer, insurance provider, or custodian.

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