Thanksgiving Meal Prep and Investing... So Many Shared Principals

Sean Sevey |

As we approach the season of gratitude and gather around the table for Thanksgiving, the joy of preparing a feast becomes a cherished tradition. Much like the meticulous planning, ingredient selection, and artful cooking that go into crafting a Thanksgiving meal, I see so many similarities to financial planning, as both explore the shared principles of customization, adaptability, and the pursuit of exceptional results.

For many years, my spouse and I have been avid cooks. The joy of orchestrating menus, selecting the finest ingredients, engaging in meticulous preparation, and, of course, the actual cooking process has been our shared passion. However, our greatest satisfaction doesn't solely lie in the end result of the meal; rather, it stems from the ability to take a recipe and infuse it with our personal touch. We've discovered that, while experimenting with 22 ingredients can be enjoyable and challenging, our most beloved and successful recipes emphasize the use of quality ingredients and allowing their natural flavors to harmonize. And, of course, a good bottle of wine always adds a delightful touch!

Drawing parallels between the worlds of investing and cooking reveals intriguing similarities. Crafting a Financial Plan, determining Asset Allocation, and constructing a portfolio mirror the culinary process in the sense that tailoring these elements to suit individual preferences is paramount. In my experience spanning two decades, I've encountered few who neatly fit into a predefined model portfolio, let alone a married couple with identical financial goals and risk tolerance.

Clients at Sevey Wealth Advisors draw inspiration from diverse strategies, much like the myriad variations of a single recipe. They tweak volatility and spice levels, substituting asset classes or individual stocks based on the ever-changing financial landscape. They make the strategy uniquely theirs.

As we embark on crafting any plan, whether it's a culinary masterpiece or a well-balanced portfolio, our goal is to provide consistently tailored results aligned with your preferences. We seek to establish clear expectations for outcomes and comprehend potential challenges. Only then can we be confident in delivering results.

Consider the luxury of having a personal chef guiding your every step, offering timely advice. Imagine being led through the entire process, from selecting ingredients to preparing the meal, maintaining the timing of each component, and ultimately presenting the finished product. How much more successful could your endeavors be?

This is precisely what we offer—a partnership to create a bespoke plan, a customized allocation model and portfolio, timely guidance, and control over your financial future.

How may we assist you on this journey?