Teaching Children How to Build Credit

Sean Sevey |

As parents, we strive to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complexities of adulthood successfully. One crucial aspect of financial literacy that often gets overlooked is building credit.

By teaching children and teens about credit from an early age, we can empower them to make wise financial decisions and lay a solid foundation for their financial future. Let’s explore some practical tips on how to get children and teens started on the right path:  

1) Introduce Allowances as a Learning Tool:

An allowance can be an effective tool for teaching children about money management and credit concepts. Set up a system where they receive a regular allowance and help them allocate it to different priorities. Encourage them to save a portion of their allowance over time to help them develop a concept of long-term planning.

2) Establish Savings Goals and Rewards:

Teach children the importance of saving by setting savings goals and rewarding their efforts. This approach allows them to experience delayed gratification and understand that saving money can help them achieve their desired purchases.

3) Introduce Co-Signed Credit Cards:

For older teens who are ready for more responsibility, consider co-signing on a secured credit card. This allows them to start building credit while still under your guidance, and with low credit limits. Emphasize the importance of paying the balance in full each month to avoid interest charges. Regularly review their statements together to discuss spending habits, budgeting, and credit utilization.

4) Encourage Credit Monitoring Habits:

Teach children and teens to be proactive in managing their credit. As they become more independent, guide them through the process of monitoring their credit reports and checking for any inaccuracies or potential identity theft. Show them how to dispute errors and discuss the significance of maintaining a good credit history.

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