Golf and Investing... So Many Parallels

Sean Sevey |

When time and family commitments allow, I am an avid golfer (avid, not good!) My grandfather was a scratch golfer and taught me the game as soon as I could hold a putter. While the technical aspects of the swing (Long Arms Sean!!!) were important, the biggest impact he taught me was the course strategy and playing the hole “backwards”.

Investing and playing golf may seem like unrelated activities, but a closer look reveals striking parallels in the realm of strategy and decision-making. Both endeavors require a thoughtful approach, a clear intent behind every move, and an understanding that external advice, like tips from friends, can be inconsistent. In this opinion paper, I will explore the correlations between investing and playing golf, highlighting the strategic elements and decision-making processes that connect these seemingly unrelated activities.

In both investing and golf, success is often based on strategy. Just as a golfer selects clubs based on the distance and obstacles on the course, an investor must carefully choose investments based on market conditions and personal risk tolerance. Both activities demand foresight, a consideration of variables, and an ability to adapt to unexpected challenges.

Golfers carefully assess risks associated with each shot, considering factors such as wind, hazards, and course layout. Similarly, investors must evaluate and manage risks associated with financial decisions. Both activities involve a balance between risk and reward, requiring participants to be mindful of potential pitfalls while striving for positive outcomes.

Golfers often need to adjust their strategies mid-round, responding to changing weather conditions or unexpected challenges on the course. Likewise, investors must be adaptable, adjusting their portfolios in response to market fluctuations, economic shifts, and unforeseen events. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a key trait shared by successful golfers and investors alike.

Just as golfers may receive conflicting tips from fellow players, investors often encounter varying opinions from social media and friends. Recognizing the inherent inconsistency of external advice is crucial. Both golfers and investors must develop their own strategies, focused on their unique

Investing and playing golf may differ in their arenas, but the parallels in strategy, decision-making, risk management, adaptability, and the challenges posed by inconsistent tips are evident. Whether on the fairway or in the financial markets, success comes to those who approach their endeavors with a thoughtful, strategic mindset, always mindful of the intent behind each decision and the need for adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Consider the luxury of being led through the entire round by a caddy, from selecting clubs, reading the breaks on the green, and avoiding hazards that are not always obvious. Would you break your own record?

This is precisely what we offer—a partnership to create a plan, a customized allocation model and portfolio, timely guidance, and control over your financial future.

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